Seminars in 2023

Year 2023    Order (date) asc
January (3 events)
Exponential solutions in a mixed type differential equation Day 05
Hahn multiple orthogonal polynomials of type I Day 20
Models for limited-dependent variables Day 25
February (6 events)
Solving the Teukolsky equation with physics- informed neural networks Day 01
Machine Learning for Gravitational Wave Astronomy Day 08
Misturar, para quê? Day 08
Multiple black holes and resonances Day 15
Quantisation of a charged scalar field on Reissner-Nordström spacetime Day 22
Exponentials rarely maximize Fourier extension estimates to cones Day 23
March (14 events)
Post-Newtonian waveform: a state of the art Day 01
Teaching materials and resources for Biostatistics education Day 01
Numerical range of a quaternionic operator Day 02
Gravitational Waves from Extreme-Mass-Ratio Systems in Astrophysical Environments Day 08
Minimum length scale and quantum black holes Day 15
A Biorthogonal Approach to Infinite Dimensional Fractional Poisson Measures Day 16
Numerical convergence of model Cauchy- Characteristic Extraction and Matching Day 22
Streaming de baixo atraso baseado em códigos de memória da unidade Day 22
Afinal o que se entende por pensamento crítico? E como promovê-lo? Day 22
Potenciar soft skills com a Matemática Day 22
A Biorthogonal Approach to Infinite Dimensional Fractional Poisson Measures Day 23
Necessary and sufficient conditions to lower semi-continuity of supremal functionals Day 29
Low delay Streaming based on unit memory codes Day 29
Existence and uniqueness of solution for fractional differential equations with integral boundary conditions and the Adomian Decomposition Method Day 30

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