Year Order (date)
January (2 events)
Reduzir o insucesso escolar na formação básica em cursos de CTEM Day 16
CIDMA 2019 Annual meeting of the Center for Research & Development in Mathematics and Applications Day 25
February (7 events)
Dados Agronómicos: Dificuldade na interpretação dos resultados obtidos pela aplicação de técnicas da estatística multivariada e na escolha de técnicas de modelagem Day 06
Hypermonogenic Plane Wave Solutions of Dirac equation in Clifford algebra and Superspace Day 14
Positive solutions for some boundary-value problems with sign changing green's functions Day 15
Numerical solution of fractional optimal control problems using modified hat functions Day 20
Relatos de experiências nas formações inicial e contínua de professores Day 20
International Conference on Mathematical Models & Computational Techniques in Science & Engineering Day 23
On testing for a large number of outcomes: Recent results and applications in genomewide studies and NGS experiments Day 27
March (12 events)
Random matrix ensembles, reproducing kernels and Toeplitz minors Day 01
Provas do Programa Doutoral em Matemática Day 12
VII Workshop of Probability and Statistics group — Interdisciplinarity and applications Day 13
On the direct problem for Laguerre-Hahn orthogonal polynomials on the real line Day 15
A new result on the inverse conductivity problem with discontinuous conductivities Day 19
Multi-scale detection of higher order geometric features using Taylorlets Day 20
Os mapas conceptuais no ensino e na aprendizagem da matemática: o caso particular da álgebra linear Day 20
Some applications of fractional optimal control problems Day 20
PH-D Course 3rd Edition- Applied and Computational Mathematics in Engineering Application Day 25
Políticas ótimas de pesca usando equações diferenciais estocásticas Day 27
Genomics Big Data: when Mathematics meets Biology Day 27
Asymptotic distribution of singularities of solutions to ODEs in the complex plane Day 29
April (7 events)
International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Physics,In memory of Professor Ahmed Intissar Day 01
Competências Distintas – Planos de Ensino/Aprendizagem Diferenciados (Uma Experiência no Ensino de Matemática no Ensino Superior) Day 03
Three-dimensional velocity field for blood flow using the power-law viscosity function Day 05
3nd Annual Workshop of the History of Mathematics Group Day 13
6th International Conference on Control, Decision and Information Technologies Day 23
Hipermapas e suas classificações (1ª sessão) Day 24
Convergence of asymptotic systems of non-autonomous Hopfield neural network models with infinite distributed delays Day 26
May (13 events)
Mini-course on Bellman function method in analysis and probability by Prof. Pavel Zatitskii (Saint Petersburg State University) Day 06
Statistics on health decision making Day 10
Fredholmness in C*-algebras of Singular Integral Operators with Shifts Day 10
Multi-messenger astronomy with SKA precursors and pathfinders, a capacity building workshop Day 12
Approximate Bayesian Forecasting Day 15
Hipermapas e suas classificações (2ª sessão) Day 15
Aprendizagem cooperativa com recurso a quadros brancos numa unidade curricular de Física introdutória Day 15
Kinematics of complex movement Day 17
Antonio Córdoba (Director of ICMAT) Day 24
Operators of Harmonic Analysis in Grand Lebesgue Spaces Day 28
Hipermapas e suas classificações (3ª sessão) Day 29
Semiclassical orthogonal polynomials and an application involving an electrostatic model Day 31
June (7 events)
Conhecer o SIACUA Day 05
Weighted norm inequalities for fractional integral with general analytic kernels Day 05
Asymptotic behavior for some structured population systems of delay differential equations Day 07
Mini-course on Calculus of Günter's derivatives on hypersurfaces and their application to problems of Mathematical-Physics Day 11
Local and global dynamics of Ramsey model: from continuous to discrete time Day 17
Fractional output stabilization problem of infinite dimensional semilinear systems Day 17
July (6 events)
Finding generating sets of finite groups using their Cayley graphs Day 02
The algebra of gyrogroups: From groups to gyrogroups Day 02
Optimal leader–follower control for the fractional opinion formation model Day 05
International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications Day 22
The problem of constructing complete MDP convolutional codes over small fields Day 24
12-th ISAAC Congress Day 29
September (2 events)
Summer School for PhD students in Mathematics will take place at University of Minho from 9 to 13 of September 2019 Day 09
5th Symposium on Modelling and Simulation in Computer Sciences and Engineering Day 23
October (1 events)
2nd DaLí Workshop - Dynamic Logic: New Trends and Applications Day 09

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