"In many countries, the debate about contacts with secondary school teachers was for a long time limited to whether research mathematicians should make compromises with didacticians. As a result, the main discussion was focused on the content of programmes and pedagogy. For me, if the problem of the transmission of knowledge in schools has of course a purely technical part, since one must make sure students achieve a basic technical mastery, another dimension of the learning process is about transmitting the enthusiasm for and the curiosity about the discipline. This necessarily requires the eagerness of teachers to explore new avenues with students. For this we definitely have to provide tools, and show our willingness, as research mathematicians, to participate in this venture." Bourguignon, J. P.

  • Members of PSG are involved in Academic Societies, particularly in Boards of Portuguese Statistical Society (SPE) and of the Federation of the European National Statistics (FENSTAT) Societies. SPE organizes and attributes the following Prizes: Prémio de Iniciação à investigação (for Master and Ph-D Students and Prémio Estatístico Júnior to promote statistics in middle and high schools.
  • Sessions in elementary and secondary schools for students and teachers, conducting mathematical professional development courses within the project AEVAE ( a Estatística Vai à Escola) from SPE (Statistical Portuguese Society)
  • Professional development courses for mathematics teachers of all levels.
  • Workshops for teachers and students in other institutions.
  • Experiences using wikis and educational videos in higher education.

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