Seminars in 2022

Year 2022    Order (date) asc
January (8 events)
Emergent gravity from off-shell energy fixing Day 12
Compositional data: some challenges in the world of Multivariate Statistics Day 14
Study of convex Semi-infinite Programming problems: general approaches, applications, and open problems Day 14
Embeddings of smoothness Morrey spaces on domains Day 20
K-dynamics: Dynamics of screening in the strong-field regime Day 26
Polarized natural deduction Day 28
Determining groups in multiple survival curves Day 28
Modeling and forecasting with Stochastic Differential Equations and other stochastic processes Day 31
February (5 events)
Null Surface Thermodynamics Day 02
Optimal control applied to dengue disease prevention: economic burden and role of communication Day 09
The stability of dynamical systems and invariant polyhedra of matrices Day 14
Contributions to the study of time series with trend and breaks Day 16
Dual-Frame Generalized Harmonic Gauge on Hyperboloidal Slices Day 23
March (4 events)
Geostatistical analysis of sardine eggs data: dealing with zero- inflated data and extreme values Day 16
Stable approximation of Helmholtz solutions by evanescent plane waves Day 17
Periodicity on isolated time scales Day 28
Convolution-like structures, differential operators and diffusion processes Day 30
April (4 events)
Finsler spacetimes and its applications to cosmology and wildfire propagation Day 06
Modelos longitudinais para dados binários: aplicação num estudo sobre desnutrição aguda e crónica em crianças em Angola Day 13
The Beauty of Self-Duality Day 20
Multiple solutions for the fractional p-Laplacian with jumping reactions Day 21
May (7 events)
A model for mixed warm and hot light dark matter Day 04
On the fundamental solution of the ψ-Hilfer fractional diffusion equation and its probabilistic interpretations Day 05
CIDMA's Great Young Researchers Day 13
A História e a Herança da Matemática ( Challenges of investigating the history of mathematics from a perished country: Yugoslavia and the Cold War Mathematics) Day 18
Automatic Adjoint Differentiation for special functions involving expectations Day 18
Evolving black hole with scalar field accretion Day 25
On the state-space realization of periodic siso behaviors Day 26
June (10 events)
The pandemic seen from a simple mathematical model Day 02
Some results on regional optimal control problem for fractional systems with control delay Day 02
Machine learning and urban mobility Day 02
My Scientific Path in Mathematics and FDEs with Integral Boundary Conditions Day 08
Adjoint Differentiation for generic matrix functions Day 09
Universal relations for rotating Boson Stars Day 15
The infinite normal form reduction for nonlinear dispersive equations Day 15
Optimal control of propagation fronts and moving sets Day 17
Gravitational waves from spontaneously scalarized black holes Day 29
Network-based Regularization: an application to skin diseases Day 29
July (2 events)
Dynamical versions of the Chow-Rashevskii’s Theorem Day 01
Criação e partilha de exercícios parametrizados Day 19
September (6 events)
Computing fractional powers of operators by quadrature rules Day 08
New mechanism of primordial black hole formation during reheating Day 21
Quaternion Hyperbolic Fourier Transforms Day 21
Testing General Relativity with black hole X-ray data Day 28
Quaterniões e Transformada de Fourier quaterniónica Day 28
Harmonic, monogenic, and contragenic functions in spheroidal domains Day 30
October (10 events)
Exploring strong gravity systems with the techniques of magnetohydrodynamics Day 04
Flavour and dark matter in a scoto/seesaw model Day 12
Superoscillations, the Talbot carpet, and Gauss sums Day 12
Constraints on dark matter from observations of neutron stars and their mergers Day 19
A simulation-based model to assess the financial risk of a NCB in the Eurosystem Day 19
Convolution equations on the Lie group and their applications Day 19
Mixed type boundary value problems for the Helmholtz equation in a model 2D double angular domain Day 19
A Matemática como um laboratório de pensamento Day 19
Elastic compact objects in General Relativity Day 26
The Variational Formulation of Evolutionary Processes Day 27
November (6 events)
Holographic duals of evaporating black holes Day 09
On norm decay rates of the Fourier oscillatory integral operators with real-valued phases Day 09
Dynamical descalarization with a jump during black hole merger Day 23
The relationship between non-catastrophicity and other properties of convolutional codes Day 23
On existence of solutions for optimal control problems with nonconvex lagrangian Day 24
End of time evolution in self- interacting vector theories Day 30
December (6 events)
Ciência de Dados de Saúde: Geração de valor na decisão clínica Day 03
Existence Results for Fractional Differential Equations in Presence of Upper and Lower Solutions Day 06
Fractional optimal control: theory and applications Day 06
Questions on Quantum Gravity Day 07
Global exponential stability criterion for a general system of difference equations with unbounded delays and applications to discrete-time neural network models Day 07
Cálculo Fracionário e Equações Fracionárias de Difusão Day 12

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