Seminars in 2021

Year 2021    Order (date) asc
January (4 events)
MatLogica HPC library with an option of Automatic Adjoint Differentiation (AAD) Day 13
Strange quantum phenomena on almost-Riemannian manifolds Day 25
OJ 287: Potential Rosetta stone for the nascent multi-messenger nano-Hz GW astronomy Day 27
Introdução à Finança Quantitativa Day 27
February (5 events)
Pacotes SCORM no apoio ao ensino: de que se trata? Day 01
Searching for ultralight bosons with black holes and gravitational waves: a status update Day 10
Gravitational Wave Observations of Black Hole and Neutron Star Mergers Day 24
Double-organ Bias in Vision Research: An Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) example Day 24
Analysis and Differential Geometry International Seminar (ADGIS@Aveiro) - Analysis on singular and non-compact spaces and Lie manifolds Day 24
March (7 events)
COVID-19: mathematical modelling, optimal control and complex network of a SAIRP model Day 03
Neutron stars in screened modified gravity Day 10
Accretion of scalar hair onto black holes Day 17
Mathematical modelling of some diseases related to water Day 17
Analysis and Differential Geometry International Seminar (ADGIS@Aveiro) - Nonharmonic operator analysis Day 17
Kernels of Unbounded Toeplitz Operators and Factorization of Symbols Day 17
Sign uncertainty principles: old and new Day 31
April (10 events)
Boson stars and their instabilities Day 07
Analysis and Differential Geometry International Seminar (ADGIS@Aveiro) - On the Brunn-Minkovski inequality and sub-Riemannian curvature Day 13
Some theoretical developments in theories beyond General Relativity within the Palatini formalism Day 14
Algebras of convolution type operators with continuous data do not always contain all rank one operators Day 14
Investigating the role of temperature in dengue transmission in emerging regions Day 16
Interpretable Machine Learning for Astrophysics, using Symbolic Regression and Graph Neural Networks Day 21
Lince: Programming with differential equations Day 28
Radon type transforms in Clifford analysis Day 28
Well-posedness and numerical approximation of tempered fractional terminal value problems Day 28
On the Existence of Solutions of the Limit Problem for the Magnetically Non-insulated Diode Day 29
May (8 events)
Quasinormal modes and their connection to black hole shadow Day 05
Testing the nature of black holes with gravitational waves Day 12
“Time”-Covariant Schrödinger Equation and the Canonical Quantization of the Reissner–Nordström Black Hole Day 19
Contractive Projections and Lifting of Operators on Banach Spaces Day 19
Spin representations, Fourier transform, and symbol calculus (1st part) Day 26
Probing light axion-like particles with neutron star inspirals Day 26
Vaccination against morbidity risks: an evolutionary dynamics analysis Day 26
The isometric extension problem Day 26
June (15 events)
Gravitational-wave imprints of non-integrable extreme-mass-ratio inspirals Day 02
Second variation in the minimal graph immersion problem Day 02
Spin representations, Fourier transform, and symbol calculus (2nd part) Day 02
Black hole (de)scalarization in compact binaries Day 09
Analytical solution of a non-smooth optimal control problem applied to irrigation Day 09
Wavelet decomposition and embeddings of generalised Besov-Morrey spaces Day 09
Generalizing the Close Limit Approximation Day 16
Strong map symmetry of SL(3, K ) and PSL(3, K ) for any finite field K Day 23
Aplicações de apoio ao ensino e avaliação: MCQEditor e SIACUA Day 23
Operator spaces and Jordan structures Day 23
Two talks on quantitative finance (1st part) Day 28
Two talks on quantitative finance (2nd part) Day 29
Correspondence of eikonal quasi-normal modes and unstable fundamental photon orbits for Kerr-Newman black hole Day 30
Spectral results of a class of circulant matrices Day 30
July (2 events)
A dynamically consistent discretization method for Goodwin Model Day 08
Modularity of geometric objects andrelated problems Day 14
September (1 events)
A stabilization mechanism for excited fermion-boson stars Day 29
October (6 events)
The Black Hole Photon Ring Day 13
Doubly stochastic matrices: old and new results Day 20
Sub-Riemannian geometry and its applications Day 22
Diffraction problems for two-dimensional lattice waves Day 27
Riesz basis of exponentials for convex polytopes with symmetric faces Day 29
It’s all about the maps Day 29
November (11 events)
Existence and stability results for a fractional boundary value problem involving the usual derivative Day 03
On periodic solutions of certain second order differential equations in presence of nonlinear dissipation Day 04
Hypermaps and their classification Day 05
Some of the LIGO events might have merged a few times already Day 10
Modeling and applications in kinetic theory of mixtures Day 12
The historical Zermelo navigation problem of quickest nautical revisited in the frame of geometric optimal control Day 17
Separating Astrophysics and Geometry in Black Hole Images Day 17
Stable Variable Selection -- an approach based on penalized regression procedures Day 19
On the regularity of Brownian motion Day 22
On Fractional boundary value problems Day 25
Algebraic topology and concurrency theory Day 26
December (8 events)
Symbolic computation applied to operator theory problems Day 02
From Hermite to Zernike. Orthogonal Polynomials on the unit disk. Applications in Optics Day 03
Pak-Stanley labeling of hyperplane arrangements Day 03
From Newton's cooling law to turbulent filtration of non-Newtonian fluids through a porous medium Day 10
Introduction to complex analytic sets Day 14
On rationally integrable planar projective billiards Day 14
Some classical operators on vanishing Morrey spaces Day 16
Multivariate and multiscale complexity under long-range correlation: application in cardiovascular variability Day 17

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