Mission and Rules

The "Centro de Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Matemática e Aplicações" (CIDMA) is a research team hosted at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Aveiro. It was created in 2010 as a fusion between the research centers MA and CEOC, continuing the main goal of carrying out fundamental and applied research in several domains of Mathematics.

The CIDMA also aims to contribute for the scientific development of young researchers as well as for the preparation of new researchers through post-graduate and advanced education.

The CIDMA is one of the largest mathematical research centers in Portugal having over one hundred members and collaborators, and its scientific activities are organized in 8 research groups:

  • Algebra and Geometry Group
  • Complex and Hypercomplex Analysis Group
  • Functional Analysis and Applications Group
  • Gravitational Geometry and Dynamics Group
  • History of Mathematics Group
  • Systems and Control Group
  • Optimization, Graph Theory and Combinatorics Group
  • Probability and Statistics Group

In order to achieve its goals, the CIDMA promotes activities such as: regular talks, courses and seminars; dissemination of the scientific production of its team through the participation in scientific meetings; international cooperation (by means of visits to foreign countries and invitation of foreign researchers); organization of workshops and congresses; post-graduate and advanced research. In order to increase its contribution to social and economic development, the CIDMA also strives for an active participation in multidisciplinary projects in cooperation with other research teams.

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