The Center for Research & Development in Mathematics and Applications (CIDMA) is a research team hosted at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Aveiro. It was created in 2010 as a fusion between the research centers MA and CEOC, continuing the main goal of carrying out fundamental and applied research in several domains of Mathematics.

CIDMA also aims to contribute for the scientific development of young researchers as well as for the preparation of new researchers through post-graduate and advanced education.

The CIDMA is one of the largest mathematical research centers in Portugal having over one hundred members and collaborators, and its scientific activities are organized in 8 research groups:

In order to achieve its goals, the CIDMA promotes activities such as: regular talks, courses and seminars; dissemination of the scientific production of its team through the participation in scientific meetings; international cooperation (by means of visits to foreign countries and invitation of foreign researchers); organization of workshops and congresses; post-graduate and advanced research. In order to increase its contribution to social and economic development, the CIDMA also strives for an active participation in multidisciplinary projects in cooperation with other research teams.

On September 25, 2013, the Scientific Council of CIDMA adopted the Code of Practice of the European Mathematical Society.

U.S. News & World Report released the 2016 Best Global Universities rankings(powered by Thomson Reuters InCites research solutions): The area of Mathematics at University of Aveiro obtained the position 45 in Europe and position 128 in the world.

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 Latest CIDMA Publications in RIA


Issue Date     Title Type Access Type
Feb-2019   Direct transcription methods based on fractional integral approximation formulas for solving nonlinear fractional optimal control problems   article   embargoedAccess  
Jan-2019   Non-invasive control of the fractional Hegselmann-Krause type model   bookPart   restrictedAccess  
Jan-2019   The Variable-Order Fractional Calculus of Variations   book   restrictedAccess  
Dec-2018   An extension of the classification of high rank regular polytopes   article   restrictedAccess  
Dec-2018   Optimal control of non-autonomous SEIRS models with vaccination and treatment   article   openAccess  
Nov-2018   Vietoris' number sequence and its generalizations through hypercomplex function theory   conferenceObject   openAccess  
Nov-2018   Non-existence of perfect 2-error correcting Lee codes of word length 7 over Z   conferenceObject   openAccess  
Oct-2018   A digital environment for developing mathematical abilities in children with autism spectrum disorder   conferenceObject   openAccess  
Oct-2018   Interlacing mathematics and art in the classroom: teaching symmetry and antisymmetry using Truchet tiles   conferenceObject   openAccess  
Oct-2018   Musculoskeletal multisite pain and patterns of association after adjusting for sleep, physical activity, and screen time in adolescents   article   restrictedAccess  
Oct-2018   From hermitean clifford analysis to subelliptic dirac operators on odd dimensional spheres and other CR manifolds   bookPart   embargoedAccess  
Oct-2018   A cholera mathematical model with vaccination and the biggest outbreak ofworld’s history   article   openAccess  
Oct-2018   Fractional flow reserve-guided strategy in acute coronary syndrome. a systematic review and meta-analysis   article   openAccess  
Oct-2018   Medical treatment or revascularisation as the best approach for spontaneous coronary artery dissection: A systematic review and meta-analysis   article   restrictedAccess  
Sep-2018   Quality of multiple choice questions in a numerical and statistical methods course   bookPart   openAccess  
Sep-2018   Smallness and cancellation in some elliptic systems with measure data   article   restrictedAccess  
Sep-2018   Distance matrices on the H-join of graphs: A general result and applications   article   embargoedAccess  
Sep-2018   Procalcitonin kinetics after burn injury and burn surgery in septic and non-septic patients - a retrospective observational study   article   openAccess  
Sep-2018   Bicomplex signals with sparsity constraints   article   embargoedAccess  
Sep-2018   The characteristics of 2D and 3D modelling approach in calibration of reinforced concrete frames cyclic behaviour   conferenceObject   openAccess  


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