Conferences and Workshops

Year Order (date)
January (1 events)
Encontro Anual do CIDMA 2020--Anual Meeting of CIDMA 2020 Day 22
March (3 events)
6th International Conference on Complex Dynamical System in Life Science: Modeling & Analysis (ICCDS2020) Day 09
24th European Intensive Course Day 16
20th Annual Workshop on Applications and Generalizations of Complex Analysis Day 20
May (1 events)
Statistics on health decision making: clinical trials Day 08
June (3 events)
The Cape Verde International Days on Mathematics 2020 (CVIM'2020) Day 08
The 9th International Conference on Matrix Analysis and Applications (ICMAA 2020) Day 18
Combinatorial Structures on Surfaces and their Symmetries (CS3) Day 29
July (4 events)
VIII Workshop of Probability and Statistics group — Interdisciplinarity and applications Day 08
II Encontro Português de Biomatemática Day 16
Optimization 2020 Day 27
Workshop on Robust Optimization Day 30
August (1 events)
12th International Conference on Clifford Algebras and Their Applications in Mathematical Physics (ICCA12) Day 03
September (3 events)
ICMAHA-International Conference on Mathematical Analysis, History and Applications Day 10
Spanish-Portuguese Relativity Meeting 2020 (EREP 2020) Day 14
11TH ANNUAL WORKSHOP of Functional Analysis & Applications Group Day 25
October (1 events)
2nd Statistics on Health Decision Making: Clinical trials Day 23
November (1 events)
International Intensive Courses dedicated to Dirac operators, Hypercomplex and Harmonic Analysis Day 23

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