Seminars and Courses

Year Order (date)
January (4 events)
Tidal effect on scalar cloud Day 08
Spontaneous Scalarization in general Scalar-Vector-Tensor theory Day 21
Quasinormal modes of neutron stars in R^2 gravity Day 28
Introduction into Machine Learning using Artificial Neural Networks Day 29
February (8 events)
Moving black holes: Energy extraction, absorption cross-section, and the ring of fire Day 05
How to navigate between several multivariate statistical techniques to reach the right port in Health Metrics: Application of the mixture item response theory model to the Self-Administered Food Secur Day 06
Coupled systems of Hammerstein-type integral equations with sign-changing kernels on bounded and unbounded intervals Day 12
Existência de soluções fortes T-periódicas para um sistema magneto-elástico Day 21
Calculus of variations for generalized functions Day 21
Unveiling the effects of individual variation in epidemiology, ecology and evolution Day 26
Deep learning for Collider Phenomenology Day 26
Influence of mutation rates on phenotypically-structured populations in time-periodic environment Day 28
March (1 events)
Finite difference methods for ultra-slow diffusive models Day 04
May (6 events)
Stationary black holes and light rings Day 01
Gravitational footprints of massive neutrinos and lepton number breaking Day 08
Hybrid metric-Palatini gravity: applications to cosmology and astrophysics Day 15
Gravitational Waves From Inflaton Decays Day 22
Rotating vacuum in TMST: Solitons and Hairy Black Holes Day 29
Minimizing epidemic duration and size by using limited resources: an optimal control approach Day 29

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